Waid’s Story

My name is Waid. I am nine [9] years old and from the Krongo tribe in the Nuba Mountains. We were displaced by war in South Kordofan on 06 June 2011 and I am really thankful to God because it was very difficult for me to get to Yida Refugee Camp. My father has three wives and when the war broke out, we all ran separately. Until now, I have no idea where my father, mother, stepmother, and the rest of my sisters and brothers are. My stepmother, including six [6] of us ran away together; our mother tried her best to get us out of South Kordofan and bring us to Yida Refugee Camp. On our way to Yida, we spent five days and nights walking and facing difficult challenges together. I wish I was older at that time so I could have helped my mother and my younger sisters and brothers. When we reached Yida, it took us time to adapt to the environment. At first, there wasn’t any organization that supported sports at Yida Refugee Camp, but thanks to God I have joined Green Kordofan – the only organization that supports sports at Yida. I have lots of friends now.

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