The Current Situation in Yida

The Current Situation in Yida Camp, South Sudan

Heavy rain and storms have followed unusually dry and hot conditions for this time of year. Temperatures during Ramadan exceeded 40 degrees. Refugees and displaced people are struggling to withstand the extreme elements and the harsh conditions of living in refugee camps.
Despite these circumstances, a recent event in the camp was attended by thousands of people and as a result our registration number has doubled.
In 2023 we built a classroom to create a more appropriate learning environment. Thanks to a donation from CTC, this is now furnished. A donation from the Souter Trust enabled us to hire a nurse, purchase and deliver First Aid.
We are planning to have a reception room and green fencing to improve the quality of the compound.
Our current project for our educational programme has benefited from a boost in equipment and infrastructure. We invested in this so that it is possible to train staff and provide educational opportunities for children remotely.

We have improved our Sporting Project by diversifying the activities and by involving everyone irrespective of age or gender. We have seen an increase in female uptake, in the participation of parents and also of local government. We are grateful to all our volunteers in South Sudan for making this possible.
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Open Day - April 2024- Green Kordofan,Yida Camp